Posted: February 25, 2010 in Gossip, Music
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I was talking to somebody in Charles Hamilton’s camp yesterday and they are NOT happy with the direction CH is trying to go.  He’s currently in Atlanta working on a mixtape with B.O.B. or Bobby Ray (idk) tentatively titled “CHX and B.O.B: Freshman Friday” and he’s recently decided he wants to become a female rapper.  I’M DEAD SERIOUS!!!

Details on Charles’s new name/image after the jump

Charles has decided he would like to go by the name LADY DOOM from now on.  Apparently the music he has been making is really MF Doomish and he’d like to rap from a “genderless” perspective.  NO this is not a new nickname, Charles really wants to re-vamp his image and has even had a secret Facebook page under the name “Myu “LadyDoom” Zik” (pronounced Music).  They’ve been trying to convince him not to do this for the past few days but he’s got his mind made up to become the best female rapper in the game.  Here’s a graphic CH sent out to illustrate his new self image via a South Park Avatar:


Guess the Sonic thing is dead.

  1. chris says:

    this is bullshit dont listen to this i talked to charles this isnt true

  2. Nicole says:

    Um….to even try to compare himself to MF Doom he must be insane, so they need to take him to a Psychiatric ward and get him checked out like for real cause this dude dunn lost his mind! I have a friend who is in that line of work I’m sure she’ll see him cause he’s crazy!

  3. amungheroes says:

    this dude is off his rocker… real shit… so basically he wants to be a tranny that raps!! ha..

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