Welcome To Chance’s World

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

So this is my world and you are officially here now!!!…lol

What’s up…my name is Chance. You may know me as Illseeds Assistant [“CHANCE ENCOUNTERS” AllHipHop.com Rumors], a founding member and currently One-fourth of THE HOTTEST internet radio show CRACK DISTRIBUTORS RADIO (CDR), or just the best rapper from Yonkers, NY (you’ll find out real soon!!!!).

I started this blog because I’ve been floating around the net for a few years now and I wanted to plant some roots and get a little piece of land for myself.

I love sharing the things I come across with my FAMILY…but they’re spread out amongst a few different outlets. SO THIS IS HEADQUARTERS!!!!

If you wanna know what’s hot in Fashion, Music, Politics, Gossip, World News and everything in between COME THRU!!!

Looking for funny clips, accidents, embarrassing moments or just something to trip you out??? COME THRU!!!!

There’s really no focus here … this is my world and I’m just gonna try and share the things that make my life worth living. Hope you enjoy and don’t hesitate to reach out…I’m here to connect.


  1. pollard says:

    yo this tight chance …good looking out

  2. myles says:

    nice start…be checkin in all the time

  3. smoot says:

    THIRD!!!! I’m making history baby!

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