Covert Corporate Racism

Posted: February 26, 2010 in I'm Just Sayin'
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OK…after posting that last thing about the step team I’ve decided I’d like to point out a little more racism this morning.  My homey Rich James sparked this conversation on Facebook and you’d be surprised how many people agreed.


Not that they’re out there lynchin niggas but their commercials and idea of what black people will respond to is insulting.  Check this one out:

Check after the break to see some more offensive commercials compared to their counterparts:

Now check how they advertise to those of the fairer complexion:

Are they dumbing it down for us???  I’m not the only one who thinks so…Check out what my Facebook/Twitter fam had to say:

@DetroitSport @ChanceCDR I am tired of niggas sangin and rappin for mc nuggets wit bbq sauce

@JaeCy09 @ChanceCDR oh that R &B commercial? Its was ok when they did the 1st one but now they are like 3 ccommercials in and its gettin offensive

@msmarijuana @ChanceCDR that is all I see on the McDonalds commercials. A lot of rapping and r&b crooning going on. And lots of black people. Smh

Jimmy Reid I was just saying the same thing the other day! What we don’t understand nothing but rap and r&b?!

Aaron Beale Hell yea and I just think that’s a way to make fun of our art and talent

  1. JBIII says:

    I dunno. I think wiggers are funny, and I definitely like the kid relating to his ex-b-boy father. The dozen R&B ones play on the radio pretty good, but it IS overkill. Good shit putting em all together like that

    • Chance says:

      they’re not bad commercials … it’s just the fact that they were sitting in a marketing meeting and decided this is the best way to reach black people. No variety, no subtle/mature humor a fake R&B video, a white person acting black while looking stupid etc

  2. Tool Man says:

    Man me and my n***s been talkin bout this for a while now. McDonalds is really pushin it wit tha damn singin and s**t. I dont get why every commercial geared towards black ppl has got to have singin or rappin. Might as well put ’em n black face and make ’em shuck ‘n jive for mcnuggets

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