Reverse Racism???

Posted: February 26, 2010 in News

For some reason a lot of people were upset when an all-white step team beat out all the other black sororities at the Ryan Cameron/Sprite Step Off Finals.  Some people were saying MTV and CoCa Cola (sponsors) wanted a team that looked more mainstream and that this competition was rigged.

Well under increasing pressure from the public, Coca-Cola has said that due to a scoring error they made a mistake and have decided to name Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA’s) as “co-winners”.  So the AKA’s will receive the same prizes the white team got.

Check after the Jump to see my 2 cents and compare both performances for yourself

I haven’t watched either teams performance (I will after I post this) but this sounds like some black teams whined to the public and the company just threw them a bone to make them happy (notice they didn’t strip the WINNERS).  What if the shoe was on the other foot???  How much would we bitch if it had been an all black team that won in an all white competition and how quick would we be to call anybody who disagrees a racist???

If the white girls did their thing, give them their respect…it’s 2010 are we really that big sore losers???

P.S. I’m going to stop using the term reverse racism.  Wrong is Wrong black, white or purple…dig me???

  1. MaG says:

    agreed man. i read the article yesterday and was like fa real? black folk man. like they did their thing. THIS is why other races complain about us cause we feel so entitled to do and say whatever we want cause we’re black.

  2. amungheroes says:

    come on now!!! im out here in cali and i know white AND asian girls that can jerk better than black girls… so if a white chick was to out jerk ( which is the dumbest dance ever ) a black chick, do this mean the black girl has the right to complain?? of course not… but will she talk shit?? of course she will.. all the black girl will say is ” dat white bitch cant dance!!”, and im black, but i feel we sometimes get so shellshocked ( ninja turtle word.. lmao ) when a different races does something we do better than us, that it drives us stupid… The whole dance team gets the ” Elin Woods Face”.. basically disappointment.. suck it up alpha’s and come harder next yr…

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