I See You Baby Girl [NAACP Edition]

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Style

Last night the NAACP Image Awards went down and black Hollywood definitely showed up.  Let’s start today with my pick for best dressed…it’s Miss Keri bayyyybay:

More beauties after the jump:

Gabrielle Union…D. Wade is a lucky man.

Olivia done grow’d up.

Rudy done grow’d up.

Ashley done grow’d up.

42 and shittin on a lot of these young starlets, Toni Braxton.

Regina/Tasha Mack steps out.

Omarosa keeping it sexy…wonder what she’s up to these days:

Fancy been bad:

Erica Hubbard, IDK what she does but I want to:

Logan Browning, I’m not up on her either but she’s officially on the radar now

Daaaaamn Lil Kim looks good…lol…Naturi from 3LW/Notorious

  1. amungheroes says:

    all of them are super cooooo 1’s.. except oliver…

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