I See You Baby Girl [2/28/2010]

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Can you guess who the proud owner of this is???

Check after the jump to find out…plus more lovely ladies.

None other than Lady GaGa…didn’t know her jawn was so cakey…niiiice:

Trina showed up to BET’s Rip The Runway looking real anti-PETA:

Ayi yi yi mamacita…Sofia Vergara heats up the red carpet:

Designer Misa Hylton aka Diddy’s baby mother arrives at BET’s Rip The Runway:

Even though she’s taking Nas to the cleaners we still got love for Kelis over here.  Here she is in Vegas Friday night:

Nicki Minaj showed up to host BET’s Rip The Runway with Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall):

Kim Kardashian touching down in Vegas yesterday…arguably the baddest chick in “the game”:

Aleesha Renee, baddest host on BET:

Nicole Richie launching her new clothing line in London:

Now if only Estelle could keep her mouth closed all the time:


  1. chocosugar says:

    No one else in Music biz got YELLOW hair like her! I knew it was Miss Gaga, lol.

  2. mei says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proud woman I’m sure.

  3. myles says:

    yup gaga!!!!

  4. amungheroes says:

    estelle and nicole ritchie are trash… wouldnt look twice, nicole looks like a rich tweeker and estelle is just trash to me… kardashian is wrecking the game.

  5. Mark Angel says:

    Kelis looking nice.

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