Hustles With Russells

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

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Every Wednesday at 3pm EST a new episode will air on and Affion Crockett’s YouTube Channel, providing viewers a rare comical take on Russell’s day-to-day business dealings. First video is funny. Check out the full episode list after the jump.

EPISODE 1- “RUSH CARD” The Clone decides to shoot his own version of the Rush Card commercial, without Russell’s permission.  A startled Russell comes in at the end and spoils the fun!

EPISODE 2- “CLONES?” News media gets the word of Russell’s cloning and blasts a ‘breaking news’ report.  An interview is planned with the two “Russells”, but it turns into an argument about who the clone is.

EPISODE 3- “JEWELERS” Russell gives his jewelry designers a hard time about their ‘urban’ creations.  When he leaves the meeting to take a call, his clone comes out of the bathroom making matters worse for the designers.  He continues the meeting in true ‘Russell’ fashion!

EPISODE 4- “MAYBACH” The clone tries to sneak off in Russell’s luxurious Maybach. He almost succeeds until Russell exits the building and chases the car down.  Once inside, Russell tries to give the clone some advice on living a wholesome life… and makes a plea for the clone to stop having sex with his woman!

EPISODE 5- “24 SHIRTS” The clone visits Russell’s favorite clothing store, Jeremy’s Argyle.  He sends Jeremy on an unusual mission and he returns to find the real Russell.  Russell has no idea what Jeremy is talking about and continues shopping.

EPISODE 6- “DRESSING ROOM” Russell and the clone exit adjacent dressing rooms in yet another matching outfit.  The clone tries to persuade Russell to join him on his hunt for ladies, drinks, and fun!   Russell begins to question his choice to clone himself.

EPISODE 7- “TIGHT SHIRT” Russell encourages Jeremy to make his shirts in bigger sizes, to increase mobility.  Out of nowhere, the clone puts on an amazing display of athleticism and negates everything Russell just said.

EPISODE 8- “THE ACQUISITION”Russell returns to Jeremy’s Argyle only to find the clone has taken over the store.  With Jeremy missing and the clone out of control, Russell calls the clone factory!


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